Outreach & Lectures

Mandela frequently gives talks in classrooms and at community events.
Please contact Mandela to request her presence at your next event.

Over a period of two months Mandela was able to present to over 10,000 children in Southwestern India in regards to the Didjeridu, fore, music is an international language.

Crawling under Asia

Mandela will take you into the underground world of Asian black markets to the underground world of Asian war tunnels. Starting in the Demilitarized Zone, crawl with her a mile underground from South Korea into North Korea through muddy tunnels covered in dynamite. Get lost in the tunnels of Củ Chi, an immense network of connecting underground tunnels in Southern Vietnam. Learn the truth behind heritage theft in Asia, and what happens above and below the black markets of Asia.

Expedition Africa: Desert Whitewater & Township Stories

The Orange River marks the boundary line between South Africa & Namibia. The muddy waters cut through one of the driest deserts in the world creating an oasis on either side of the life force which waters the people & animals of the Martian landscape. Three separate expeditions of the Orange River are channeled in this adventure lecture. Prepare yourself for stories from the townships, flash floods, mudslides, dangerous scorpions, black spitting cobras, abseiling rafts down cliffs & huge muddy whitewater. We will also explore footage gathered from interviews in townships surrounding Apartheid. What was it like before, during & after Apartheid in South Africa?

Romancing the Dinosaurs: The quest for Argentina's best dig sites, rock bands, and adventure!

The bustling streets of Buenos Aires by boat to the wildest parts of Uruguay by horse and then back down through Patagonia... adventure was found and dinosaurs excavated. Unknown to the regular tourist the underground Rock'n'Roll scene in Buenos Aires is uncovered. By boat, bus & horse to the biggest cattle farm in Uruguay-where the " gauchos" rule. Then back down through Patagonia to the excavation site of "Futalognkosaurus dukei".

India: The Perfect Flow of Chaos

An in depth look into the lineage & practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Learn about how Indians view the growth of their economy, woman rights on the Indian sub-continent, pollution, the caste system & an in depth look into Ayurvedic Medicinal treatments & what might be causing disease in the West.

Walkabout Australia: Didjeridu & Cultural Lore

Indigenous Aboriginal Australians lived with the land & animals for hundreds of thousands of years. Our Western culture has much to learn about what it means to be a steward of the land, sea & sky. Learn knowledge stemming from a decade in the bush interviewing Indigenous Aboriginal Australian elders from various tribes including the Kabi Kabi & Ngarigo. Experience an in-depth look at the Yidaki/Didjeridu: how & why it's played.

Aotearoa, "Land of the Long White Cloud" 

An in-depth look at New Zealand from the perspective of a expedition sea kayak guide & rain forest bush guide in Fiordland National Park. Discover why New Zealand is truly "The Kingdom of Birds," due to separation from Gondwana 80-130 million years ago. Hear Maori stories of creation, culture, language & the process of traditional Ta Moko tattooing. Learn how the Maori gathered & used sacred Pounamu (Greenstone/New Zealand Jade). Discover how the country has changed since humans arrived around 1200 AD, how the government is controlling invasive predators & how to navigate the landscape & weather of Zealandia (the 8th continent). Kia ora!