About The Trail Less Traveled

The Trail Less Traveled, hosted by Mandela, is dedicated to documenting humanity by gathering interviews and sound effects from the most remote locations around the world. The goal for the show is to take you, the listener, back to mankind's earliest form of entertainment: story telling. Therefore, every week features an interview with an adventurer in their natural habitat in order to provide an audible journey packed with adventure information and inspiration. Everyone has a story & different perspective, we aim to share the stories from the world’s diverse cultures & unknown lands. 


Mandela by the surf wave on the Clark Fork River in downtown Missoula, MT. Photo by Sophie Danison

About Mandela

Growing up, Mandela spent a season in South Africa, a season in Montana & various seasons traveling the world with her flight attendant mother & vagabond father. At an early age Mandela fell in love with juxtapositions between cultures, music, food & weather of the northern and southern hemispheres. Mandela started filming her adventures when she was 14 & started an adventure-travel talk show on KBGA when she was 18. The show ran for five years & she is still producing short adventure films in her spare time. When she’s not in the studio, Mandela teaches Ashtanga Yoga & works as an international adventure guide/instructor in the field of whitewater rafting, whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking & riverboarding. She guides paddle rafts on two week expeditions in The Grand Canyon May-September & records the show on location wherever the river of life takes her.

Mandela was raised on a nature reserve at the most southern point of South Africa. Growing up in the bush, the only musical entertainment she had was an old CB radio & didjeridu. For many years she had only two cassette tapes: a Walt Disney soundtrack … & The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers. She has a passion for classic rock’n’roll, the blues that evolved in African-American communities of the Deep South & funky up beat “world music”.

Mandela’s family made frequent trips to Australia throughout her childhood. Mandela started studying Aboriginal anthropology & didjeridu sound theory in Australia in her teens. In 2007 she started an organization in Missoula, which continues to educate students in didjeridu & Aboriginal anthropology. She also played didjeridu & percussion in a local band called, “Peanutbutter & Didjeridu Jam”. Mandela presents adventure lectures at the University of Montana & other public/private schools around the world.

Mandela lives for unorthodox adventure-travel, high volume whitewater expeditions, diversity in culture & the music which inspires us to get outside, shake our booties & explore in the Mecca of Recreation: Missoula, Montana


Adventure with Mandela! 

On The Grand Canyon, Milford Sound in New Zealand & The Orange River Gorge in Southern Africa!
You can request her as your guide.


Mandela guiding a 15-day expedition in the Grand Canyon.